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Do not click links before clicking "submit" at the bottom of your completed form!

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Welcome to!  If this is your first visit, please take a moment to read the directions and notes here.  If you have visited here before, please feel free to proceed to the section you need with the links at the left!

This webpage is a service that your independent sales director must subscribe to. If your sales director hasn't sent you official communication promoting this tool, she may not be a member.

If you are a sales director and would like more information about this service, click here.

There are four communication areas of

bulletRecruiting - Interview Follow-up - This area is designed to help your sales director follow-up in a timely manner with any team member prospects you have.  Remember:   a prospect is only a prospect for about 48 hours - if you didn't get her agreement, fill out this form and have your sales director follow-up ASAP!

bulletGoals - Where am I Going? - This area is designed to keep your independent sales director informed of your goals.   She can only help you achieve your dreams if she knows what they are!!

bulletProgress - Where have I Been? - This area is used to report your activity last week to your independent sales director. This is one of the most productive tools available - if you are not reaching your weekly or monthly goals, your activity level may not be high enough to support such goals. In this case, to avoid frustration, either your goal needs to be lowered or your activity level raised!

bulletNew Consultant Activity - Submit your Career Essentials Vouchers to your director electronically!  These activities are designed to get your new business off to a great start and the vouchers help your sales director monitor your progress.




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